Deep Tissue Massage


A popular treatment for a massage / beauty therapist. The deep tissue massage uses specific techniques to help relive muscle tension.

During the course you will learn:

Health & safety (online)
Anatomy & physiology ( online)
Professionalism & code of ethics ( Online)
Client consultations, contraindications and aftercare ( online &  Practical Workshop)
Equipment & Treatment Preparation (practical workshop)
Specific Deep tissue massage techniques ( practical workshop)
Deep tissue massage routine ( practical workshop)
Verbal & written  assessment ( online & practical workshop)

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Course Structure

  • Online theory with Course Craft, divided into chapters for easy and adaptable learning. A variety of videos and links.
  • Practical workshop applying the online theory.
  • Practical workshop will be 4-4.5 hours long.
  • practical workshop you will learn a variety of deep tissue techniques and how to incorporate them into a deep tissue massage.
  • Practice on each other helping you understand how each technique feels.

Additional information

Course Entry

A body/Swedish massage course prior to a deep tissue massage course.

Course Qualifications

ABT Accredited Deep Tissue massage. you will be insured and can charge for the treatment.

Career Opportunities

Work at home, mobile, in a salon or spa.
Develop your skills in therapy with looking into mechanical massage course.

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