Hair Up Course

Hair Up


The market for hair up has increased and more clients are seeking hair styles to go to special occasions, festivals or nights out. This course is designed to give you an understanding of different methods and techniques to use to create the desired looks..

During the course you will learn:

Health & safety (online)
Hair structure ( online)
Professionalism & code of ethics ( Online)
Client consultations, contraindications and aftercare ( online &  Practical Workshop)
Equipment & Treatment Preparation (practical workshop)
Method and Structure ( practical workshop)
Half up half down styles, Adaptable hair up styles, adding on detail, Plaits incorporated styles ( practical workshop)
Verbal & written  assessment ( online & practical workshop)


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Course Structure

  • Online theory with Course Craft, divided into chapters for easy and adaptable learning. A variety of videos and links.
  • Practical workshop applying the online theory.
  • Practical workshop will be 4-4.5 hours long.
  • practical workshop you will learn a variety of hair up methods &  techniques
  • Hair up styles
  • pre and post treatments
  • Practice on model heads

Additional information

Course Entry

No experience or qualifications needed

Course Qualification

ABT Accredited Course which enables you to be insured and can charge for the service.

Carrera Path

Development to Wedding hair masterclass or festival hair courses.